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April 17, 2017

search engine optimization pricing


Anyone who owns a website knows the importance of SEO, but how many of us know the exact amount to pay for the online marketing technique? Your website is the most crucial part of online business which you should hand over to trusted hands. Here, in this blog, you will get to learn everything about search engine optimization pricing.

SEO is a popular and essential online marketing strategy that boosts your brand awareness widely promoting your business online. Its main objective is to optimize your website according to the search engine guidelines. It helps you secure a top position in the search engine result pages by increasing your website’s ranking – that’s what we all want.

Benefits of right SEO strategy are very clear however, the cost of getting this strategy implemented varies significantly base on your business goals and requirements. Whatever be your budget, the associated cost with SEO should be considered as a business investment that will bring you positive returns.

search engine optimization pricing

SEO Price Packages that Suits You…

Until and unless you understand the main payment models of SEO, it is difficult to understand the price listing. Mainly, there are four major forms of payment and services:

  • Monthly packages: (Average price: $750-5,000 per month) Also called monthly retainers, this is a model where the client pays each month for the required set of marketing services. It is among the most popular SEO service packages as it assures highest ROI as compared to others. It involves keyword research, regular analytics, press releases, link building, on-site content development and optimization.
  • Services at fixed prices or on contract basis: (Average price: variable) Almost every SEO company sells contract plans and services. Before a client hires the monthly retainer, the contract package works as a trial plan to complete the services they desire. It specifically involves SEO website audit which identifies your online presence, potential keywords generating positive ROI, competitive analysis, etc.
  • Project-based pricing: (Average price: variable) It is somewhat similar to contract services having an exception of custom projects. This indicates that the cost of SEO services depends upon the type and scope of the project. It basically involves social media advertising and establishment of social media accounts.
  • Hourly consulting: (Average price: $100-300/hr) It is an hourly consultation session for which the fees paid in exchange of information or services.

You can find almost all these payment modes offered by most SEO agencies if not all. You can even choose more than one model based on your business goals and requirements. For example, you hire monthly retainer, get into a contract term and start a project with that SEO agency. This way, you avail three different models for your business.

search engine optimization pricing

Things to consider when investing into best SEO packages

A close discussion of search engine optimization pricing is never complete without some important warnings. To save yourself from getting involved with any unethical SEO agency or practices, have a glance at the following points:

  • Never believe in guarantee: The constantly changing marketing trends of the industry say that there isn’t any guarantee in SEO. So, if you are promised guaranteed results, BEWARE!
  • Instant results: No expert in the world can show you instant results from an SEO strategy. Nevertheless, you will experience improvements in your business steadily, but eventually. The marketing tactics that give you instant results can harm you in the long run as the practices might be against Google’s (for example) webmaster guidelines. You could probably get penalized for these and ultimately lose your organic rankings.
  • Rank 1st on Google: If your SEO company promise you the top most position on Google, there are chances you could reach there, but not immediately. This is something which couldn’t be always promised or guaranteed.
  • Suspicious link building techniques: Link building is an important part of SEO. You need this to rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs). However, there is a negative side of the technique you must be aware of. Before getting into an agreement, make sure the practices to be implemented are ethical and white hat services.
  • Low-cost SEO plans and pricing: It might sound great for a moment but is not always fruitful. To be honest, when you get all the basic services at an under market value, it indicates lack of experience and or black hat SEO method of the SEO agency. Undoubtedly, this isn’t always the case but as it is said, “It is better to be safe than sorry.” So, if you get any such offer, ask them for a genuine reason behind the low SEO package cost and their successful track records.
  • Expensive services lacking successful track records: Many marketing agencies offer high price SEO solutions as compared to others, but they must have a valid reason behind this exception. If you do not find any proven track record with them, it is better to step back and continue your search for the right service. You should ask for their past and present client base and then make your decision of hiring their services. Look for evidences that show their successful campaigns and practices. This will serve as a nice benchmark tool for you to judge the quality they will deliver.
  • Successful for other businesses: Assuming that an SEO tactics will work for you because it did for others will be your biggest mistake. Each business or organization is unique in its own way and has distinct requirements and goals. So, make sure you focus on yours while choosing a search engine optimization pricing package without depending on any other assumptions.

To invest in the right cost of SEO services, choose one which suits your budget and helps you accomplish your needs and business. You need to choose your goals wisely and ensure better possibility of higher returns.


Finally, we would like to say that you must employ a genuine search engine optimization pricing package for your goals to invest for great returns.

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