SEO Pricing in 2017: How Much Should I Spend on SEO?

April 24, 2017

SEO pricing in 2017


Are you searching for SEO pricing in 2017? The question “how much money will you spend on SEO services in 2017” should be coupled with how much work you want to be done. SEO companies base their prices on whether their services are needed for site re-launching or product launching. Of course, the more the hard work, the higher the price.

As an online business owner, you should know when you are spending way too much on an SEO company and not getting the high-quality results you had been promised. Results of prime quality can be linked to efforts that resulted in more website visibility and therefore, higher search engine rankings. These efforts may include, but not limited to video or article marketing, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, review of site contents, keyword research, website redesign, redevelopment, and so on.

In 2017, more experienced SEO companies would usually charge more for high-quality results than their new counterparts. Therefore, if you are just starting your website, we would recommend you to depend on experienced SEO companies that have been in the industry for years with a proven track record. If you already have the knowledge of building partnerships, you should be able to detect a promising firm.

Here’s why:

You cannot afford a “trial and error selections” because chances are, you don’t have the capital to waste on experiments. If you hire SEO firms, you want to be sure that they are the best in your niche. They should be able to provide you with a portfolio of previous works as well as emails or numbers of clients that you can probably put a call through and ask for feedback.

Working with the best in your niche gives you two main advantages:

1. The experience and

2. you’re getting a good head start.

However, once you understand the tricks and trade of the industry, you will already have a prior knowledge of what high quality SEO service means. Hence, you will gain more control of your content. You understand exactly what you want and you will be able to provide clear instructions to SEO firms.

How Much Money Should You Spend On SEO Firms In 2017?

This totally depends on how much you have in store for project completion. A good technique would be to request for the price of individual prices of services and a complete service package.

Then, decide on whether you prefer your plans to be realized all at once or if you are okay with the thought of achieving one goal at a time.

The best part about getting one service at a time is you can check on each aspect of Search Engine Optimization, examine the company’s output and decide whether you would love to continue with their other services or not. With different SEO pricing in 2017, be cautious of SEO companies asking for thousands or more start-up fee and equally expensive monthly rates to rank your website high on search engine. There’s a higher probability that they just want to rip you off.

If you are going for pay-per-click advertising through an SEO company, a minimum price of $100 per day should be enough. Also set your bid per click to $0.90 or lower.

Profitworks stated one or two reasons for that. Check it out below:

SEO Pricing in 2017

The point is, high-quality SEO service shouldn’t rob you of everything you have.

Also check out my recent post on SEO Prices – The Cost of SEO Services.

SEO Pricing in 2017: Affordable Monthly SEO Plans

On average, monthly SEO packages can cost you somewhere between $500 for basic services and for full-scale service – expect somewhere around $5,000. Any price in this range falls into the category of affordable SEO plans. If an SEO firm is quoting you less than $500, its either you are getting a minimal and less worthwhile service, or the person/company offering them has no clue of what to charge for monthly SEO services and their prices may suddenly increase after they do some research on their own.

More than $5,000 –

Well, if you are a huge multinational corporation with intense SEO needs such as daily content generation on various platforms, close continual monitoring, as well as social media marketing, then, yes, your SEO retainer package will cost more. However, if you have a considerable but not constant SEO needs, then expect up to $5,000.

The point is, SEO shouldn’t take up more than 5% of your capital or 10% of your estimated profits. Make sure you look around for the best deals that SEO firms can offer you. Be smart in your decisions to outshine your competition.

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