20 Reliable Website Audit Tools for Your Business Website

May 14, 2017


The online business scenario is constantly changing. What worked for you last year, need not necessarily bring you success this time around.

In the fast-paced internet medium, how do businesses keep their heads up? It’s by a regular website audit, that’s how.

Why should I use website audit tools?


website audit tools

No matter how long you’ve been in online business, it’s essential to conduct a regular audit. You may choose to do it on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, but it has to be done. And there are several reliable website audit tools to help.

To this all important activity, a website auditing can be said to be an essential event which shows you where your site is currently ranking and what you need to do to improve it.

Internet marketing means making use of different website audit tools and strategies that will provide the business with the opportunity to create a good global reputation and to attract more visitors and customers. However, all the available website auditing tools and strategies cannot be entirely successful without a well-structured evaluation process incorporated within the marketing system. That is why a website audit is a highly crucial factor that needs to be considered by every internet marketer.

To make this process possible, there are essential website audit tools to be considered so as to get the expected results. Though they are many online, we will be considering a few of them which are reliable, and these includes:

1. SE Ranking Website Audit Tool:

website audit tools

This tool is eccentric, not only finding site errors at a glance but also for formulating a list of tasks for website developers, content writers and web designers to prevent them from technical issues. It crawls your entire site based on over 70 parameters such as Domain overview, Pages, Meta, Content, Images and Links Analysis, Mobile Optimization, Usability, and Technologies.


website audit tools

WooRank executes an instant review of your business website and rates it across more than seventy parameters. This website audit tool takes just a few seconds. It can lists how the site fares on various SEO optimization factors such as headings, usage of keywords and hyperlinks. Also, displays how the site looks on a mobile screen and tests for mobile friendliness. It also examines the ease of site usability for factors such as language, load time and data markup and as well monitors the site visitors, traffic and user sessions. You can also use the information displayed to identify errors on your site and optimize it better.

3. Screaming Frog:

website audit tools

Screaming Frog is eccentric for getting the most informative data from an entire site at once, which spiders websites’ links, images, CSS, script, and apps from an SEO perspective. It is an excellent desktop program for a detailed analysis on your entire website at once. In practice, it is not an audit tool; it’s more a crawling tool. It creeps all your site and provides you lots of useful insights and likely SEO problems your site could have. It acts as a complete site auditing tool that reports on over 30 specific parameters: meta descriptions, outlines, response time, anchor text, security, etc.

4. Seoptimer:

website audit tools

This is an auditing device that assists you to report critical faults on your website in seconds and recommend what you should do to increase your search rankings. It performs a detailed analysis of your site based on about 100 parameters.

5. Simply Measured:

website audit tools

This website audit tool has a host of free social media analytics tools to analyze your engagement across various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The results will help you gauge which social media platforms you need to spend more time on, and what kind of content appeals to your audience.

6. Wpromote:

website audit tools

Wpromote is an excellent  SEO website audit instrument that helps you to conduct a swift comparison between your website and the websites of your competitors. I like the tool for its option not to limit comparisons to a particular target keyword, besides that it counts keywords for which your two sites rank better. As this tool is a free one, you can constantly compare your site to many other sites in turns.

7. SEO Workers:

website audit tools

SEO Workers is another wonderful analysis tool for quite some time. If you want to evaluate your site URL, this device will offer an analysis report based on the  HTTP header’s check, head elements, heading & phrase elements, keywords found in image, alt attributes and in the anchor tags, URL’s found on the page, The page displayed within search engine results and page most relevant keywords / keyphrase.

8. SiteAnalyzer:

website audit tools

SiteAnalyzer is another free SEO website audit tool that offers up to 20 free analysis per month or upgrades to the paid version to check an unlimited number of websites. This tool tests your site’s effectiveness based on 50 parameters, instantly identifies problem areas to fix and shows up all SEO technical mistakes.

9. SEO Site Checkup:

website audit tools

This is another exploration tool that checks the entire website with 45 checks in 6 different categories. With due consideration of these results, this website audit tool shows up an overall score and some failed tests.

10. Moz Open Site Explorer:

website audit tools

Moz open site explorer is one of the most common instruments to analyze the backlinks of your website. The free tool does not require a sign-up, and you can use it to improve the quality of your backlinks significantly, but it does have a daily limit on the number of links you peruse.

It displays the domain and page authority of your site along with a list of all inbound links, gives a list of the top pages on your site along with its social shares and number of incoming links and files out phrases and terms that are used to link to your site.

11. Google Search Console:

website audit tools

Though most of the SEO experts don’t include it to the list, several SEO newbies still depend on its fair amount of insights. The tool is free, gives a summary of things that are important – broken links, speed, indexed web pages, HTML markup, etc.

One can also discover out website locations, the number of impressions and clicks for your site in SERP.

12. Monitor Backlinks:

website audit tools

This device has a free backlink checker SEO website audit tool that helps you detect all the sites that link back to your website, and receiving a list of the highest ranking backlinks to your site which will help you to approach similar websites for new link building opportunities.

13. Broken Link Check:

website audit tools

Broken Link Check is an online website tool that checks your site for any dead links. It scans your entire website for broken internal and external links, detects old links that compromise your site’s integrity and shows the pages that throw 404 errors and other unsuccessful response codes.

14. Pingdom:

website audit tools

Pingdom has a free online tool to test your website speed. It checks the page loading time, analyzes the results and finds significant bottlenecks. The performance insights are graded from A to F. You can start working out the issues that are graded F and then move ahead

15. MySiteAuditor:

website audit tools

This instrument is one of my favorite SEO auditors for a range of reasons. This tool is well suited for large SEO agencies.

You can integrate this device into your company website and make more leads. The auditing tool works well, and it is in direct compatibility with Google’s ranking algorithm. It checks out specific website pages for any target keywords.

16. DeepCrawl:

website audit tools

DeepCrawl is excellent website audit tool known for its in-depth reports and flexibility. It can crawl millions of web pages, especially if you run huge marketing projects, and delivers nitty-gritty competitor reports on site structure, content, social networking, etc. One of the benefits is to make auto-schedule crawling tasks that are useful. You can easily modify crawls, set the metrics for content, load time, links, titles, URL length, etc.

DeepCrawl allows managing your SEO team: assign tasks to employees, create support tickets, alert you about possible issues, show up a history of all changes and keep track of website performance over time. One thing that people should work over is to make more mobile-focused reports.

17. Keyhole:

website audit tools

This enables the real-time tracking of various social parameters such as hashtags, accounts, keywords, mentions and URLs across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as applicable.

It provides detailed reports on how your social media accounts are performing with a centralized dashboard that gives you a bird’s eye view of all the metrics that are being tracked. Being a real-time tracker, it can prove to be very useful during major campaigns and launches.

18. Marketing Grader:

website audit tools

This has been around for a while and is owned by the very reputable company, HubSpot, Inc. Marketing Grader advice on how to improve many aspects of their websites and encouraged millions to bring their website presence to the next level, all for free. By implication, this website audit tool has very much to do with your site’s performance.

19. Siteliner:
website audit tools


This tool is an all in one website content audit device that checks your site to find duplicate contents, broken links and other inconsistencies on the content. The main thing you need to do after running this audit is to remove your duplicate content. The second task would be to fix the broken links and ensure all your main pages are indexed correctly.

20. SEO Report Card:

website audit tools

This card also is an awesome website audit tool for a quick analysis on your website. It’s very visual and happens fast enough. It can improve their products’ pages using straightforward and accepted optimizations.


The procedure involved in auditing search engine optimization is firm and easy with the proper website audit tools. In fact, it can generate reports to optimize the company website to attract the better-targeted audience. They can help you save your precious time by quickly identifying many of your website’s search engine optimization problems.

A website audit can be extremely valuable and sometimes necessary before starting a website redesign or search engine optimization project. A complete thorough audit of your website/blog is an easy solution for determining what problems are keeping you company from achieving your goals, this is done with good and reliable website audit tools.

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