10 SEO Mistakes Most Bloggers Make Revealed

June 18, 2017

SEO Mistakes Most Bloggers Make


Millions of people posts blogs every day but not all the blogs gets equal attention. Some blogs become more popular than others. Some blogs attract more traffic while others are not able to attract the traffic. The traffic on your website or blog post depends on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO plays an important role for successful blogging. That is why SEO should be implemented in a right manner so that it can improve your search engine ranking. There are so many myths about SEO that it becomes difficult to recognize what is right what is wrong.

Today I will tell you about 10 SEO mistakes most bloggers make which can help you to have a better SEO. If you want to make your website popular, then do not make these terrible SEO mistakes.

10 SEO mistakes most bloggers make are-

1. Use of Wrong Keywords

Keywords are an essential part of any SEO strategy. Sometimes bloggers focus on wrong keywords which will not be able to drive traffic to their site. Before an emphasis on any keyword, you should check the keywords in analytics and keyword tool.

Also, sometimes bloggers use keywords which are not related to their field or content this is a wrong practice. It can initially fetch some traffic on your site but after that visitor will not found a relevant content on your site, and they will move. So always use the keywords which are related to your site or blog.

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Another SEO mistakes most bloggers make is that they choose keywords which have high competition. High competition keywords means there are so many sites which are using the same keyword, so you have to compete with all these sites to make your space on top of the search. It is always better to use the keywords which have medium or low competition, so you do not have to compete with so many sites, and your chance to come on the top will increase.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Most of the bloggers use keyword stuffing to manipulate their site search ranking for a particular keyword. This is like repeating the same word or phrase which sounds unnatural and does not add value to your content. Here is an example of Keyword stuffing:

SEO Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

This keyword stuffing is looking unnatural, and it will give a poor user experience. For this kind of practices search engine will give a lower search ranking. This is also one of the biggest SEO mistakes most bloggers make. To avoid this problem, you should create rich content that can engage the readers. Keywords are also important for content but do not overuse them. Try to avoid the repetition and only use relevant keywords.

The best way to prevent keyword stuffing is to forget about the keywords and write naturally and concentrate on creating engaging content for visitors. Once you have completed your blog or article, you can use some keywords where they are best fit in your blog.

3. Not Doing Keyword Research

When bloggers don’t do research for keywords, they can include the wrong keywords in their posts. There are keywords which are not searched by many people, and people do not even search a keyword which you have included in your post. So before choosing your keyword, conduct a proper research so that you can get to know how many people are searching for a keyword and it will help you to determine how popular a topic is.

First, decide a topic on which you want to write and then conduct research for keywords related to that topic and you will get to know which keyword is searched by most of the people. Include the popular keywords in your post, and your content will become SEO optimized.

There are some great tools such as Keyword Eye, Answer The Public, Infinite Suggest, etc. where you can find perfect keywords for your posts.

4. Broken Links

Broken links or dead links are the links available on a web page that do not exist anymore. When a visitor clicks on these links, it will show a 404 error. It is annoying for the visitors.

Linking is good when it leads the visitors to the right place, but if the links do not exist, it can be bad for your blog. Sometimes you use an image to make your blog more attractive and if this image is not available or deleted it will leave a bad impression on visitors.

Broken links can frustrate the users and left an impression that you do not check your site regularly. Broken links can also hurt your SEO and page ranking.

You can use WordPress to check broken links available on your website and fix them immediately.

5. Not Optimizing Images

Many bloggers add pictures, graphics, videos, etc. to their post which is a great way to attract visitors and it adds value to the content. These multimedia assets also increase the time spent by the visitors on your website. But if you are not using Alt tag and image titles with image related keywords it will not be able to boost your search engine ranking. A human can see a picture, but when it comes to search engine, it just recognizes an image because it has an img tag. The search engine is not able to understand what an image is but you can help the search engine to understand the image by providing its alt attribute.

Alt tag and image titles are also used to improve the accessibility of your website to those who have poor vision or screen reader devices.

6. Publishing Copied Content

This is the biggest SEO mistakes most bloggers make that they copy the content of other writer and publishes it under their name. Stealing the content is not only unethical, but also it is illegal. Because of copied content, your site can be pushed far down that no one will ever visit it. So you should completely avoid this practice.

Sometimes bloggers also use the same content many times on their website under different titles. They use the same content and create different pages for different keywords. It can pose a search engine penalty and can cause lower page ranking and less traffic.
Do not waste your time on such activities and try to create unique and engaging content for your visitors.

7. Not using Own Domain Name

Many bloggers use free hosting blogs at Blogspot, WordPress, etc. which is useful for newbies but If you are a serious blogger, you should have your domain name. Free hosting blogs are good to start and to check that blogging working for you or not. But for the long term, you need more flexibility and features such as installing plugins, themes and another extension which are necessary for better SEO results.

These free platforms offer excellent value, but they are not flexible enough to install Plugins and other extensions which are required for superior SEO.

You can buy an expensive hosting plan and take full control of your website. It can give you big rewards when your blogging increase.

8. Not Using Internal Links

This is also one of the biggest SEO mistakes most bloggers make that they do not internally link other pages of the website. If you have written something related to one topic in another post link these posts. It is the best practice to promote your posts. The primary purpose of internal linking is-
• It aids the website navigation.
• Internal linking defines the hierarchy and architecture of the site.
• Internal linking helps to distribute page authority and ranking power throughout the site.

The home page of your website is the most powerful page. You can create a section on your home page for Featured Posts or Top Post or Latest Post and can link your blog posts.

9. Including too many anchor text

Anchor texts are the clickable text in your post that leads the visitors to another page. Anchor texts are excellent for SEO and bounce rate if you use them in limited numbers. If you use them so many times in a post, they will be harmful to your search ranking.

Search engine ranking of your website depends on how many visitors come to your site and what they do when they are on your blog. If there are so many anchor texts in the post most of the reader will not like to read the post, and they will switch to another website. It will increase the bounce rate of your site which it not good. So it is always better to use limited anchor text.

10. Not giving importance to social media

Social media has transformed the online business. If you are not taking social media seriously to promote your blog posts, it is the biggest SEO mistake. Social media can make your blogs popular overnight. Social media also allow you to interact with your target audience and can generate valuable traffic for your website.

In this post, I have tried to reveal 10 SEO mistakes most bloggers make. I hope this article will help you and you will be able to improve your page ranking by avoiding these mistakes. If you will be able to avoid these 10 SEO mistakes, soon you will have a growing organic traffic on your web page.

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